First let’s take a look at the study sets.

These are created by your classroom teacher, who will add vocab words covered during class into the online study set. Each unit consists of 6 different tools. Learn will give you vocabulary words, for which you will enter the translation of the word in your first language. Spell lets you hear those English words read aloud, after which you will type what you hear. Flashcards will show you a word in English and test you on what kind of word it is (noun, preposition, adjective, etc.) and what that word means. Test, as I’m sure you guessed, will test you on the words you’ve learned through a mix of fill-in-the-blank, matching, multiple choice, and true/false questions.

There are also two games within each study set!

Match will show you a screen full of words in both English and your first language. It’s your job to drag words with the same meanings on top of one another until all of them have disappeared. Monster lets you pick which vocab words you want to practice (all in the lesson or only ones you’re having trouble with) and whether you’d like to focus on what kind of word it is or the word’s definition. It also lets you choose the difficulty level! From there, monsters with words floating over their heads will appear, and it’s your job to type in the correct answer before they disappear! And don’t forget—both Match and Monster are timed practices. You’ll even be able to view high scores from other students in your class. A little competition never hurt!